Shipping Cost:

For shipping, we use Canada post expedited parcel service.  We are charging a flat fee $34.99 for GTA locations and for the most of the items except for the ceramic (vanity sinks), vanities, rangehoods and toilet.  For the out of GTA locations and for the items such as vanity sinks, vanities, rangehoods and toilet, the flat fee $34.99 is not applicable.  After your online purchase or after you place an order, we will email to you the actual shipping cost. You will have to pay the shipping cost before your items are shipped to your address. It is free for the  local pick up.

For wholesale/ bulk order, you may order by Phone at 647-272-7155 or Order Online by clicking on desired item and processing the order. After you confirm the order, you will receive an email confirmation, we will get in contact with you and make the payment and delivery arrangements. We will assist you with the shipping charges after the confirmation of order. We ship normally within 24 HOURS after receiving payment. Shipping takes 3- 5 business days. We deliver the goods to your location at a scheduled time. Please do not make arrangements with your contractor for installation until you have received the product. If by any reason, there is any delay in products delivery, our company assume no liability for contractor cost for errors or delays in delivery.

Returns and Refunds

The option to return your merchandise if you are not satisfied is available. Returns must be made within 5 days of receipt of material. To qualify for a refund you must contact us at 647-272-7155. All items must be in original packing. For all returns there is a 15% restocking fee.  You are responsible for the shipping charges back to our warehouse on returned merchandise. Your refund is based on the merchandise being returned in the original packaging and in good condition. Shipping Cost related to returning the merchandise is customer’s responsibility. When you return merchandise, damage in transit can occur. Please ensure that all returns are packaged properly to avoid damage. If the original carton is compromised from the initial transit, repackaging is acceptable and recommended. Refunds are based on merchandise being returned in new condition. If the products are damaged by the shipper during the return transit, we will refund you, less the amount of damaged products. It is your responsibility to file claims against the shipper for any product damaged during return and your claim may be compromised if the shipper inspects the damage and determines the product was not packaged properly. There are no options for returns or refunds for installed products. Please inspect your products upon arrival to verify that you have received the correct product, and that there is no damage. We will be unable to process a claim for any damages if the damage is not reported immediately.

Damaged Materials

Although we make every effort to avoid damage and provide premium packaging, damage sometimes occurs. Any damage done in the original transit is subject to the shipper’s claim procedures and is not our responsibility. Because we will be unable to process a claim for any damages if the damage is not reported immediately, it is critical that you open and inspect all material immediately. If damage has occurred we will happily replace the damaged product. The shipper may require an inspection of the damage so you will be required to hold onto the damaged items and original boxes for 5 business days.

Universal EXIM Corporation (UEC) Warranty Policy:

Universal EXIM Corporation (here under referred as UEC) warrants that the product is free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use. This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser- consumer and the warranty period commences from the initial purchase date. UEC only accepts proof of purchase such as sales receipt which must be presented by the original purchaser or contractor. This warranty is not transferrable and as such, the warranty cannot be transferred to subsequent owners and only extends to the original owner-purchaser.

A satisfactory proof must be presented to UEC, that the product is defective and the user is the original buyer-purchaser. UEC reserves the right to inspect and assess all products for defect and malfunctions before meeting its warranty requirements and after proper determination, UEC will provide the same or of equivalent value and design as a replacement.

The present warranty coverage is only applicable to the owner-purchaser who is entirely responsible for the products proper installation including any required plumbing. UEC does not under any circumstance, installs or supervises the installation nor hires contractors for such work hence UEC cannot be held responsible for any defective installation or damages caused to property or breakage as a result of such installation directly or indirectly. UEC strongly recommends that licensed professional with experience be used for installation. This warranty does not apply unless the product is installed by licensed professionals who are fully insured. UEC warranty obligation shall be discharged with the tender of replacement. In-case, the customer refuses to accept this tender, it will terminate the UEC warranty obligation. Under no circumstances, UEC can be held liable for any amount over and above the original product purchase price bought by the original purchaser, contractor/builder.


  • This warranty will not apply where there has been application of incorrect operating procedure, damage or breakage caused by faulty installation, carelessness, product misapplication or alteration, product misuse, scratching from normal use including normal wear and tear, improper maintenance or use of harsh cleaning chemical that are not recommended, natural corrosion, natural calamities such as accidents, flood, fire or any act of God. Abrasive cleaners, steel wools and harsh chemicals should not be used as this can cause damage, corrosion or scratch to the product which will then void this warranty.
  • Installation of the product for outdoor and commercial use.
  • Any damage or loss caused to property or personal injury, economic loss caused to any parties during installation, repair or product replacement including damages resulting from neglect, misuse or accident
  • Any labour or shipping costs associated with removal or reinstallation of the product.

Warranty Period:

Stainless steel kitchen sink- 3 years limited warranty

Ceramic vanity sink- 2 years limited warranty

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet: Ceramic cartridge- 3 years; springs, hoses, hand sprays, finishes and other components- one year limited warranty

Kitchen and bathroom accessories: Strainers, bottom grids, pop-up drains and other accessories- one year limited warranty



UEC does not authorize its distributors, authorized dealers or persons to make any representation, affirmation or warrant other than those contained in this warranty. UEC reserves all rights to modify this warranty at any time however, such modifications shall not alter the warrant conditions application at the time of sale of the product.

For reporting an issue or obtaining a warranty service, please email at uec551@gmail.com and please include the below items and information:

  • Proof of purchase – Invoice or sales receipt.
  • Product information
  • Description of issue or problem



CLEANING & CARE OF Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 


  • Clean regularly with a mild detergent solution and/or clean with water applied with a soft cloth or sponge, rub gently.
  • Rinse and wipe the sink dry after every use to prevent water spotting & mineral deposits in severe hard water conditions.
  • Deep clean once a week with a recommended cleanser (be sure to rub in the direction of the polish lines) and a soft cloth or sponge rather than aggressive cleaning.

Please note chlorides are found in most all soaps, detergents, bleaches, and cleansers. Chlorides can be harsh on stainless steel. Rinse your sink thoroughly after each use to remove any chloride residue.


Scratches are inevitable during your usage over time. Use a soft abrasive pad and follow the original polish lines to remove the scratch in a small area. Be cautions not to overdo the process, too aggressive procedure will result in a bright spot.

Some Don’ts:

  • Don’t use any abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or scrub pads.
  • Don’t leave wet sponges, cloths, cleaning pads, rubber mats, or dishpans in the sink. This could lead to surface rust or possible pitting.
  • Don’t leave standing solutions of chlorine bleach and water in the sink for extended periods of time. Always rinse the sink after using such solutions.
  • Don’t allow liquid soap or other cleansers to dry on the surface of the sink.